Special Cross Stitch Pattern for Father’s Day

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Missing a few days to celebrate Father’s Day, we want to help you embroider an original gift 100% handmade.

We have been inspired by the most famous father of the galaxy Darth Vader. Despite being one of the undisputed protagonists of the Star Wars saga by other merits, he is always remembered for his revealing phrase to Luke Skywalker when he said “I am your father.”

Sewing it is very easy, download here the darth vader_pattern and have the necessary materials nearby: aida fabric for embroidery (preferably white or beige), 4 threads DMC mouline (If you have another brand, look in the table of equivalences which number corresponds to the chosen in the pattern), needle, scissors and an embroidery hoop.

Free Cross Stitch Pattern

This pattern is free, so don’t just give it to your father, share it so that all parents can feel like the most important in the galaxy. If you dare to embroider it, upload it to your social networks and tag it with #darthvaderpattern so I can see all your works.

It is very easy to embroider it, but just in case the force be with you 🙂

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