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5 Details to work in comfy space

It is important to me to have a quiet work area in which to focus. If your home office also needs a change, so Pinterest are helping me find impossible choices, but will take options I can include.


Decorate your Work Space with Real Plants


I have tried to keep real plants but so far there has been no luck. When it wasn’t my fault, the cats have been on your side. I should try low light plants like Maidenhair Fern, Heart Leaf Philodendron, Devil’s Fever or Money Plant and succulents! This are plants that I envy whenever I see them well cared for and they are one of those that I will know how to take care.

Tips for keeping your work space tidy


Order and progress
Stack the magazines and books that you consult the most along with photos and other objects that add spark to my life, especially those that also serve to keep things in them. If you have small objects or objects that can be broken by your cats’ games, I am using glass domes to protect them. So I also prevent them from getting dusty.

Candles for your workspace

Velas de The Singular Olivia y Epoch

Even if it is very zen, lighting a candle or aromatic wands helps make your environment more relaxing. Choose a scent that matches the time of year or suits your mood, and start planning your day. It makes everything more bearable. The Singular Olivia or Epoch have very interesting candle collections. In-house, national and made with natural ingredients, they are on my wishlist to create an environment in which to work. For now I am content with the smell of morning / afternoon coffee.

Art for your workspace


In my student days, filling the cork with movie and concert tickets was my obsession. Now I try to surround myself with pictures of artist I admire, travel postcards, magazines or books as pictures, small collages,… and embroidered frames!

Light, space and action!


Natural light is best, but you will need a table light. I prefer those that take up little room at the table. I also try to make the light warm and not cold, the power when lighting is the same, but it helps me create an atmosphere.


If you do several activities, try to delimit the spaces. Everything you do offline do it a little away from the computer. So you will not be tempted to use it to put on music and end up on YouTube watching recipes for dinner. I use wireless headphones in which I put on the podcast that I like the most and move away from the computer. It also helps not throw it all when you stumble upon the cable.

Now there are people who are starting to work standing or standing up, which consists of raising the work table up to the elbows. At the moment I try to get up every hour for a few minutes and thus stretch my muscles. If I forget, the watch is here to remind me.


Make your work spacke as cozy as possible within the possibilities. And if it’s still impossible to work, do a little each day and be patient.


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