Arts and Crafts: The Love of the traditional

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The Arts and Crafts was a movement linked to the design and decorative arts of the late nineteenth century that enhanced the manual work of artisans, valuing their respect and care for the materials and the way they were used.

the arts and mechanical movement began with the aim of doing useful things, of doing them well, and of making them beautiful; good quality and beauty were the leaders of the counterpart movements.

Michel Ashbee

Trellis Design as wallpaper and cushions

Morris and Co.

William Morris was one of the main ideologues and of all his facets the most recognized is that of architect, designer and textile master. Together with his wife, the embroidery artist Jane Burden decorate the iconic Red House with murals, paintings and stained glass following the manual techniques of the artists in each area.

With his experience he created the Morris and Co. company in which he reproduced the designs inspired by nature that characterize his work.

Birds and botanical elements are a must in the Morris patterns

Morris Bellflowers as wallpaper in a kitchen.

The company is still active and retains the stamps with which the wallpaper was originally created. His timeless designs are used in decoration and I especially like fabrics, since it allows you to make a DIY and decorate your home with things that you have created.

Cushions with Morris designs

Fabrics, paintings and wallpaper are the main elements to incorporate the nature of the movement designs into decoration. Vibrant colors such as blue and green coexist with softer shades such as neutral or pink tones. Create a lovely and peaceful home surrounded by Arts and Crafts pieces.

If you want to know more about the life and work of William Morris, I leave you this video from the Fundación Juan March where he shows the preparation of the exhibition “William Morris and company: the Arts and Crafts movement in Great Britain” organized in 2018.

I hope to have another opportunity in the future to see so many pieces of him together.

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