Modern Cross Stitch for Mediterranean Tiles

Everyone Loves Mediterranean Floors

Mediterranean architecture gives us houses with high ceilings, exposed wooden beams and colorful hydraulic floors. My love for vintage makes me dream of living in a house like this, that’s why I have found 3 reasons that lead me to want to live in a home with this floor.

3 Reaston to love Mediterranean Floors

1.- Original designs
Vegetable inspiration such as flowers and plants, geometry,… all of them repeated and forming a perfect ideal pattern for lovers of symmetries.

2.- Colors
Striking combinations, brown tones taken from an autumn palette or green ones that take you in the middle of a pond. They can bring freshness or warmth with just 3 repeated colors in their drawings.

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3.- History
Over time, the houses take different uses and that leads to reforms that change the distribution. If the house is lucky enough to preserve the hydraulic floor, you will see those different patterns that show the life of the houses before you lived it.

On the walls of a bathroom with floral motifs in blue, they create a pleasant feeling of cleanliness and relaxation.

Cross Stitch Pattern: Plants and Mediterranean Floors

There are more reasons that make me adore these floors, that’s why I decided to include it in my new pattern: a corner full of plants in a beautiful home with hydraulic flooring. A crass plant, one with long green leaves and one with a huge pink flower. Another way to include plants in your home, if you are a crazy plant.

Pattern available on Etsy.

Although it is not exclusive to this type of soil, walking barefoot on cold ground is a real pleasure. It happens to you too? Do you also love hydraulic flooring?

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