Baby Yoda
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I want to adopt Baby Yoda

There is no one in the galaxy who knows Yoda, but now with the Disney + series «The Mandalorian» we have met Baby Yoda.

Set in the Star Wars universe, The Mandalorian is the series that tells the story of Mando, a bounty hunter who survives fighting anything that is well paid. But make no mistake, the undisputed protagonist is Baby Yoda, who with just a few noises has gotten all the attention. You may have even heard of him before than the series itself.

Baby Yoda and (Spoiler) his favorite snack

I have not been able to resist and I have created a cross stitch pattern. It took me a couple of days to design and another to sew, but now it’s ready to adopt.

The Baby Yoda pattern is available as always at Etsy.


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